Yorkshire Longcase Clocks

Yorkshire Longcase Clocks & Their Makers – By Dr David Firth

The longcase clocks, known as the grandfather clocks ever since the song ”The Grandfathers Clock” was written, is one of the most enduring and popular of domestic items. For over 200 years, it was made continuously in Great Britain and the longcase style was copied and developed in different national sysstems all over Europe and America. There are some exhibitions from Dr David Firth’s collection which can be seen at Red House Antique Centre in York.

Yorkshire Longcase Clocks

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Excerpts from Yorkshire Longcase Clocks & their makers by Dr David Firth

The Longcase, Tall or Grandfather Clock

“The quality of longcase London clocks has fallen after about 1730 and they were not produced in quantities in London after 1750, as makers had turned to making bracket clocks. In the Provinces, however, longcase clock production thrived and became very popular, especially in the North of England, including in many Yorkshire towns. Many London features were to be found in Yorkshire clocks, some makers having spent time, serving their apprenticeships in the capital, before moving back to the North.”

“About 80% of some 5000 makers in the book listing pre-1700 clockmakers refer to makers from London, but there were clockmakers in York very early on. John Der Clareburg made a clock for the first Minster in 1370. At least 46 makers were known to have worked in York in the 17th century.”

 This book features some fantastic images of Grandfather/ Longcase clocks from all around Yorkshire and other areas of England, along with interesting information about different types of longcase clocks from expert Dr David Firth.